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Hello everyone, Jason here!

I don’t often get the chance to write these newsletters, but Mollie and the team have tasked me with updating you on our latest activities and giving you a glimpse of what’s next. So, let’s dive in!

What have we been up to?

Since the start of the year, we’ve been incredibly busy with various projects. So far, we’ve had five winners in our competitions: one campervan (Jamie Redshaw), one narrowboat (Zoe Jeffery), and three Dottie holiday competitions (Florence, Yvette, and Hazel). These projects have kept us on our toes! While Jamie’s campervan was ready to go, at one point we had four campervans in the workshop at different stages of the build process. We also completed a full refit of Summer Bee earlier in the year and are now finishing up Dottie, the holiday boat. Managing these projects and ensuring the competition side runs smoothly has been quite challenging, but we’ve loved every minute of it.

Where are we now?

We’re wrapping up the last few tasks on Dottie before Florence’s holiday on June 28th. Recently, we met with Zoe and her husband Luke to finalize the colours for Summer Bee—a deep purple for the sides and a cream roof. As you can imagine, things in the boating world don’t move quickly. Summer Bee is scheduled for a full repaint on July 15th and will be handed over to Zoe and Luke at the start of August. Meanwhile, Louisa and Mike’s widebeam is ready at the boat builders, awaiting transport. If you’re still with me, you’ll understand why we haven’t started on the widebeam’s interior just yet.

When are we starting Louisa’s Widebeam?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. Louisa’s widebeam is being delivered by the end of the month! (all things going well…) We’re excited to get started, especially with the unique design elements Louisa and Mike have chosen. We’ve worked closely with them to ensure the boat meets their specific needs and future plans. We’ve also secured them a prestigious central London mooring, saving them over £600 per month compared to their current rent.

What have we learned?

Launching the custom boat competition last year was an adventure. We didn’t know how it would unfold until the last four weeks of the competition. Choosing between a narrowboat and a widebeam significantly impacts the timeline, as our builder has different lead times for each. We couldn’t book a build slot until we had a winner and knew the boat’s size, which meant waiting four months to start the build and another four months for the build itself! However, this time the slot is booked only 14 days after the competition ends on August 30th and we aim to get the next winner in their boat by the new year!

Unlike other competitions where you win a house in an area you might not choose or a car you’re afraid to scratch, our £180,000 Custom Boat prize is a unique tailored experience that can only be found at Marwood Makes. Whether it’s a dainty 42ft narrowboat or a 60×12 widebeam whopper, we’ve got you covered. We appreciate everyone who has participated and allowed us to host these amazing, life-changing competitions. It’s not been an easy task by any stretch, however, with your support the experience makes it all worthwhile.

So from me to you a HUGE thank you for joining in the fun! We’re creating these amazing opportunities together for one lucky winner each time and I think you’ll agree with me that it feels wonderful and a wild achievement to change someone’s, maybe yours, life for the better!

Much love,

You could WIN a custom boat worth £180,000

A unique opportunity to live an exciting lifestyle, mortgage-free in a custom-designed Marwood Makes boat worth £180,000. Widebeam or Narrowboat – The choice is yours!

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