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Looking for a deeper dive into boating & van life?
We’ve have years of off-grid living experience that we’d love to share with you!



Tales from the Australian road part 2: Exploring our favourite gems in Betty

We share three of our very favorite places we traveled to in Betty the campervan, such as the Grampians, Shark Bay, and…

Staying warm afloat: Which heating option is best for you?

We dive into the different heating options and how to stay warm on a boat from central heating to insulation!

Tales from the Australian road part 1: Our nomadic escape!

This is the story of our nostalgic trip around Australia in campervan Betty, our 1984 Nissan Urvan, and the unique adventures we…

Our 2024 journey unveiled: Buckle up!

The Tuesday Tales of what 2024 will look like for Marwood Makes, and unveiling some of our new competitions...

Choosing a Winner! The LIVE DRAW Process

Just a few days until the Boat Competition Live Draw! Here's how it’s going to work, and how we’ll contact the winner!

What Happens When I Win? The Custom Build Experience!

We’re offering the full Marwood Makes experience of having a luxury floating home custom-made to your design preferences! Here's the process...

Tunnels on the Canals: Spooky Moments!

The Tuesday Tales of some of the spookiest moments we’ve had on our boats whilst travelling through tunnels along the canals…

Our Boat Competition is a Guaranteed Draw!

We're thrilled to announce that our Luxury Boat Competition is officially a GUARANTEED DRAW! It's been quite a journey getting here...

Our First Cruise: Carry on Boating!

The Tuesday Tale of excitement and trepidation on our first narrowboat cruise, as we tackled Tyrley Lock and narrowly averted getting stuck!

What makes a true boater: Taking a look!

A Tuesday Tale of excitement and woe as J took steps to become a true boater.

Widebeam or Narrowboat: Which would you choose?

We explore some of the reasons why someone would choose a widey or a narrow!

Boat to Boat: Nomadic Life Afloat

A peek into our lives renovating boats whilst on the move. It wasn’t always plain sailing…