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OUR MISSION: Enhancing life on the move through our uniquely designed spaces that embody beauty, simplicity and boundless adventure.

Why are we running a BOAT COMPETITION?

We’re all feeling the pinch right now: Soaring energy costs, huge rent & mortgage hikes, and weekly grocery bills steadily rising. Who has a spare £180k sitting around to buy a liveaboard boat of their dreams?! Only a tiny fraction of people, we’re sure.
Having lived on our boats for years, we have experienced the magic and freedom that liveaboard boating brings.
We want more people to experience this magic.
We donned our creative caps and imagined offering someone the chance of owning their own uniquely designed floating home, mortgage free… and having some fun with it whilst we’re at it!
We envisaged people parting with a tenner in the hope they may win a life changing prize. Offering this prize would bring us joy, and it would feel like a lot of fun helping the winner design their dream adventure home!
Our hope is to continue making beautiful boats and vans with little popping fireworks along the way when someone wins a competition!
We see this as a fun game with much higher odds than winning the lottery, and with a portion of the ticket proceeds going to charity we’re together helping a few more people too.


It’s imperative to us that our competitions are fair and transparent. We’ve therefore taken the following measures to ensure our competitions are appropriately run:

  1. SOLICITOR APPROVED: Our website has been reviewed by a third party solicitor who has confirmed we are running the competition in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
  2. COMPLIANT WITH LAWS: Our competition terms & conditions clearly set out the competition rules, which have been well thought through and are compliant with relevant laws and regulations including The Gambling Act 2005.
  3. REGULATION COMPLIANT: We abide by the relevant rules set by the Advertising Standards Authority.
  4. SECURE PAYMENT METHODS: We only accept major payment methods (Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay & PayPal) and we never see or store your card details.
  5. AVOID CONFLICT OF INTEREST: We’re strict about not letting our family members or anyone that is professionally connected with the competition to enter.
  6. REGISTERED UK COMPANY: We’re a UK incorporated limited company, available to view publicly on Companies House: Marwood Makes Limited. Company Number 14646168. Registered Office: 165 Holcombe Close, Bath, BA2 6UR.
  7. FAIR CANCELLATION POLICY: If the competition needs to be cancelled for whatever reason, we will refund any ticket purchases in full including payment and processing fees.
  8. PUBLIC ENTRY LIST: All names of competition entrants will be published on our website just before the live draw, so you can be assured your entry is counted in the draw.
  9. LIVE DRAW: We’re holding the live draw online on Instagram where you’ll see us face-to-face drawing the winner using a random number selector. We’ll phone the winner on-air, and publish the winner’s name on the website after the draw.
  10. TRACK RECORD: We’ve been making beautiful boats and campervans since 2018. All of our customers have been happy customers and some have even turned into trusted friends.
  11. WE’RE FRIENDLY! We’re friendly people who have experienced the magic of living on the water for several years. Click here to learn more about our story.

We’d love you to be involved!