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Narrowboat Competition

How does the competition work?

Check out the how it works page and all of your questions will be answered.

Is the competition legit?!

It sure is! It’s imperative to us that we run a fair and transparent competition, with sprinkles of fanciful fun. We’re a UK incorporated company, have thorough competition terms and conditions, we’ll publish all entrants names on our website and the prize draw will be conducted live on Instagram.  We’ve even had a solicitor review our website to make sure we adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. For further info on how trustworthy we are, check out our credentials.

How do I enter the competition?

The easiest way to enter the competition is to answer the simple quiz question and buy tickets online. Entrants may also enter the competition via the free postal entry method.

Who can enter the competition?

Competition entrants must be aged 18 or over and reside in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Does the boat come with a mooring?

A 1-year Canal & River Trust boat licence is included with the prize. This means you can moor the boat for FREE (on a continuous cruising basis) along any public stretch of the canals & rivers that the CRT manages. We will offer our knowledge and guidance to the winner as we’ve cruised the majority of the UK waterways network! We firmly believe that continuous cruising is the most fulfilling and exciting way to experience the boating lifestyle! Alternatively, there are plenty of long-term residential moorings available across the country to suit a range of budgets (and are generally much cheaper than rent!). Having secured a Widebeam mooring for our latest winners for our “£180k custom Boat’ prize, we will endeavour to assist our winners in search for a Mooring should they so wish! Find out more about the process and costs involved with licensing and mooring here!

Is the boat in the photos the one I will be winning?

Absolutely, Summer Bee has been completely refitted by us at Marwood Makes! But that’s not all, the thoughtfully curated selection of soft furnishings, bedding, and crockery comes with the prize too! And here’s the cherry on top – the winner of Summer Bee will have the opportunity to choose their preferred exterior colour, adding a personal touch to make her truly feel like home. For our custom boat competition, the winner will get to decided what they want the prize to be, the pictures used are of a previous widebeam refitted by us at Marwood Makes.

Are we running the competition regardless of ticket sales?

We will declare a guaranteed draw once we have reached our minimum sales target. We work out this by the trajectory of sales instead of a set minimum number of orders. This means like our other successful competitions, we had declared a “Guaranteed draw” once we are happy. So far in the last year we have given away over £230,000 worth of prizes without ever needing to cancel a competition! To find out more on this head over to our blog!

How many tickets are on sale?

This varies from competition to competition – best to have a look at the competition page itself.

How many tickets can I buy?

The number of entries is limited to 75 per person. We believe that having a limit on the total number of ticket someone can purchase is the responsible thing to do.

Boat Fitouts & Campervan Conversions

How long does it take for a boat or campervan fitout to be completed?

As a general estimate, one of our boat fitouts can take between 12-16 weeks, although this can vary with a few factors (e.g. size of boat, availability etc). We recommend getting in touch with us at the earliest opportunity so we can chat through specifics and reserve a design slot for you.

Who provides the hull for a boat fitout?

You can either purchase a lined sailaway boat from your chosen boat builder, or we can arrange that for you.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Bathampton, near Bath.

How much does a boat fitout or campervan conversion cost?

Do get in touch with us to chat through your specific requirements then we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote.