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We’re very excited to be planning the Boat Competition Live Draw, scheduled for 30th November 2023 at 9pm! So we’re popping in to tell you exactly what we have planned, how it’s going to work, and how we’ll be contacting the winner!

The Live Draw

We’ll be broadcasting LIVE on both Instagram and our Facebook page. We’d love to see you there and will be chatting with people in the comments.

Jason will be the main man for the live draw. Mollie will be online, joining in over the chats whilst watching along with our three little loves at home. We’re actually expecting they’ll be in bed then, but last time we did a LIVE, the excitement ripped through the family and there was absolutely no sleep on the cards for the kiddos!

Our two boaty friends will be with Jason during the draw, providing both technical and moral support.

We’ve said this before – making beautiful boats is our thing, but being in front of the camera is completely new to us! So he’s getting mentally prepared about chatting to so many people at once. I’m sure you’ll give him some kind words of encouragement…!

The Entry List

View the competition Entry List, where order numbers, ticket numbers and names are shown for all valid entries.

There’s a search function at the top of the Entry List, so you’ll be able to find your entry or entries by searching either by your name or order number.

For future competitions, we will issue automatic ticket numbers. For this time around, this is how it will work!

How the winner will be selected

During the live draw, we are super duper excitedly going to pick the winner of the boat competition using Google’s Random Number Generator.

This method is widely used by other competition companies. It’s quick and easy to use, trusted and we think is the fairest way to choose a winner.

We’ll simply set Google’s Random Number Generator to choose a number between 1 and 35,000, press GENERATE, and Google will randomly produce the winning number! Yipee!

Once we’ve got the winning ticket number, we’ll scroll down the Entry List (which you can also do yourself to double-check!) to find the name of the extremely lucky winner!

Contacting the winner

We’ll be contacting the winner via a phone call during the live draw!

Hopefully the winner will pick up our phone call and we can have an excited chat live on air. But if not, we’ll be tracking them down after by phone, email or residential address.

We’ll keep everyone in the Marwood Makes community updated about who’s won, on our social pages and newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who has entered our first competition! See you for the live draw on 30th November, 9pm!

How very exciting!

Love, Mollie & Jason

It could be YOU!

As this is a guaranteed draw, one lucky someone is definitely 100% going to be winning a Marwood Makes boat on 30th November!

To be in with a chance, make sure you get your competition tickets… or top up your tickets for maximum chance of winning! GOOD LUCK! 🍀

Enter the PRIZE DRAW

WIN: a luxury boat worth £180,000
LAST ENTRY: 30 Nov 2023 @ 10am
LIVE DRAW: 30 Nov 2023 @ 9pm

Only 0 tickets remaining!

35,000 sold

📣 UPDATE (16th Nov) 📣
The boat competition is now a
regardless of ticket sales!

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