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We think our Boat Competition is quite unique. We’re not just offering a boat (which is quite a special prize in itself!) – we’re actually offering the full Marwood Makes experience of having a luxury floating home custom-made to your design preferences!

It’s an incredibly exciting process, both for us and for the winner. The winner will choose the size/layout of the boat, see the steel hull built from scratch, the rooms constructed during the interior fitout, and the homeliness come to life in the final styling phase. Wowee! 🤩

But I’m getting ahead of myself… read on for the full process!

(And just a reminder for anyone who hasn’t got tickets yet: this competition is on track to selling out before the closing date, so make sure you SNAP UP YOUR TICKETS before they run out!)

The Live Draw

During the live draw on 30th November, we are super duper excitedly going to announce the winner of the boat competition!

Once we’ve drawn a winning ticket number (using Google’s Random Number Generator), we’ll be phoning the winner LIVE on air!

Hopefully the winner will pick up our phone call, but if not we’ll be tracking them down after by phone, email or residential address.

We’ll keep everyone in the Marwood Makes community updated about who’s won, on our social pages and newsletter.

For more details about the LIVE DRAW PROCESS (e.g. where to find your ticket numbers before the draw), keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll let you know about a separate, more detailed blog post all about the live draw!

The Hull Build

After the draw, we will contact the winner and ask them what particular hull build they would like: a widebeam or a narrowboat. Don’t worry, the decision doesn’t have to be made immediately! We’ll give the winner 7 days to ponder this big choice and we’ll help in the decision making process.

This is where the REALLY exciting part starts to happen and we can begin to discuss THE BUILD!

We’ll book in a build slot with our chosen boat hull builder. We have a few hull builders lined up that we’ll choose from, which ultimately comes down to whether the winner would like a wonderfully luxurious widebeam, or a cosy narrowboat. We think this is the biggest decision of them all!

The hull build slot will typically start in February, depending on the size of boat chosen.

The build of the hull takes up to 10 weeks and we hope to be able to bring the winner along to view a part of this process – trust us, it’s pretty cool to see!

The Boat Interior Fitout

Once the hull build has begun and is in motion, we will meet with the winner again. We’ll extend an invitation to meet in person here in Bath, to choose the layout of the interior and all the design and details promised as part of the prize (or we can meet online on Zoom if you’re far away).

Just to remind everyone of what this sweet prize involves…

The winner will get to choose from different choices of fixtures & fittings like taps, showers, sinks, tiles and paint colours, worktops and cupboard face design, all from within our range of design options offered.

You’ll also receive the “Winner’s Designbook” that will contain all of the moodboards and design options to choose from! We’re having this printed as a one-off, especially for the winner and will help make sure you get the perfect style for you.

The boat offered as the prize is ultimately the one shown in the advertising campaign… birch heaven! This is our signature style, and you’ll get little tweaks here and there to make it feel like your own and suit your preferences.

We’ll mull over all these choices together to make sure you get a really sweet design, over some delicious cups of coffee somewhere in town – all on us!

Now it’s time to wait a little until the hull is delivered here to us in Bath. Don’t worry, during this time there won’t be radio silence! We will send you regular updates and photos of the build’s progress.

Once the boat arrives in Bath, Jason can begin work on the interior fitout following the winner’s choices and specs.

This process typically takes about 10 weeks. Again, during this time we will send many, many photos and updates so the winner knows exactly what’s happening. Imagine receiving those updates of your new home coming to life… How exciting!

Next, comes the name! We need to know the winner’s choice of name for the boat, so that we can get the boat professionally sign-written. Big decision!

After this, Mollie will make the winner’s boat look and feel beauuuutiful by bringing in sweet soft furnishings & homewares. These will make the boat feel truly like a luxury floating home, ready for the winner to view their final prize!

Viewing Day & Delivery Day

When the boat’s all ready, we’ll invite the winner for a lovely viewing day here in Bath, where they can view their beautiful completed boat prize.

On viewing day, we will arrange for the winner to be taken out on the boat by a professional skipper to (quite literally) show them the ropes! This bit can feel a bit daunting if it’s your first time cruising, but the winner will be in very safe hands and by the end of this, they will be cruising in style.

The only thing left to do at this point is celebrate in the local pub with a glass of bubbles, and discuss when is a convenient date for the final delivery of the boat to a location of the winner’s choice!

Depending on the destination, the boat should be delivered to the winner within a couple of weeks of viewing day. Again, don’t worry! We won’t just leave the winner on their own to take delivery of this sweet prize! Jason will come to help on delivery day every step of the way.

All being well, final delivery of the boat to the winner should be at the beginning of the summer, just in time for the best time of the year… summer!!

We’ll also be on hand after the boat has been handed over, to offer boaty advice and guidance to the winner.

We can’t wait!

Love, Mollie & Jason

PS: We’re really offering the full custom build experience here. However, should the winner not wish such an active, participative experience, we’re happy to make all of the design decisions ourselves and you’ll receive a signature Marwood Makes boat with all the trimmings!

It could be YOU!

We actually got a little emotional writing out the process above – one lucky someone is going to have that life-changing experience!

If you’re up for this adventure, make sure you get your competition tickets… or top up your tickets for maximum chance of winning! GOOD LUCK! 🍀

Enter the PRIZE DRAW

WIN: a luxury boat worth £180,000
LAST ENTRY: 30 Nov 2023 @ 10am
LIVE DRAW: 30 Nov 2023 @ 9pm

Only 0 tickets remaining!

35,000 sold

📣 UPDATE (16th Nov) 📣
The boat competition is now a
regardless of ticket sales!

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