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A Little Narrowboat Shop

During our first year on the water in London we actually had a trading licence to run a little shop which we called ‘Jollie’s Floating Emporium’ for a bit of fun.

Prior to travelling in Australia for a couple of years we had visited India for a few months.

We met some lovely makers over there and we bought some pieces from them, bags, scarves & jewellery, with the view to sell them whilst we travelled around Australia.

The Floating Market

In actual fact we carried these beautiful wares around in the van for almost two years (!), only stopping to do one market in Western Australia.

We decided to sell them off the side of the boat once we returned to the UK & Etta had arrived. 

It was a sweet thing to do. We sometimes didn’t sell very much, but we met so many lovely people who just stopped to chat which felt like a very wholesome way to just be each day.

J’s Displays

We would often make shop around Little Venice and met some wonderfully bright characters who would ogle the bags & jewellery and coo over Etta. It was great!

J made some makeshift wooden displays which hung off the side of the boat that I could tie the bags and scarves onto and it all looked pretty colourful.

One day we popped a sign out declaring ‘Baby for Sale’…it got the tongues wagging. A couple of people genuinely thought we wanted to sell our beautiful baby girl. Haha!!

Moving Onto Renovations

When we left London and started to buy, renovate and sell narrowboats we were so busy moving and building that we didn’t have time to do the floating market anymore but it’s still a terrific time we look back on with a big, big smile.

I wonder if you might like to read something a bit more nitty gritty next time? Watch this space…

Love Mollie x

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