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A most popular FAQ

Since launching our widebeam boat competition, one of our most frequently asked questions is whether we could build a narrowboat for the winner instead.  

Considering we’re custom making the boat for the winner, we’re happy to make a narrowboat for the winner should they have a preference for a smaller vessel. 

We believe that boats are a very personal choice, which is one of the reasons why we’re offering a custom build prize.  We’ll make the boat to suit the winners lifestyle, preferences and personality!

We’ve loved living on a widebeam, and all of our previous narrowboats, so we definitely see the charm in both options. Each can suit a different lifestyle choice.

Whether you’d love a widey or a narrow, we’re going to explore the merits of each.

Some people choose a widebeam because… 

  • A widebeam boat has a similar feel to a house or flat, only it floats!
  • Spacious and roomy with lots of storage space
  • Widebeams feel very stable in the water and don’t wobble around when walking around
  • There’s space for separate rooms with partitions
  • Lots of space on the stern and bow for some alfresco dining and socialising
  • They’re great to cruise on the river, because the rivers are vast wide open spaces generally occupied with bigger boats
  • Bigger water tank (longer showers!)
  • More roof space for extra solar panels and storage
  • It’s a popular choice for families
  • Bigger parties!

Some people choose a narrowboat because…

  • Narrowboats up to 57ft long can fit along the whole of the UK’s canal network 
  • Some locks fit 2 narrowboats at the same time – great for cruising chit chats with fellow boaters
  • They’re nimble to manoeuvre and easier to solo cruise
  • Being charming and cosy, narrowboats really feel like a boat
  • They can double moor in busy parts of the canals
  • An annual CRT licence fee is lower for narrowboats
  • Marina mooring fees are cheaper with a narrowboat

And then there’s campervans, but that’s a conversation for another day!

Which would you choose?

You could WIN a brand new widebeam boat!

Here’s a quick reminder about our exciting “Win a Boat” competition! We’re offering the chance for you to win a brand new, custom-designed stunning widebeam boat of your very own, worth £180,000!

If you’re up for a new adventure, check out the competition to see the amazing life-changing prize!

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